Social Media Marketing 101 – A Great Way to Increase Traffic For Your Real Estate Business

Social media marketing has taken off over the past few years and is now a big deal. The fact that you have thousands of followers on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest just shows how serious many marketers are about reaching out to these people and building their brand name and business image. In this article I will show you some things to consider when using social media marketing as a part of your marketing mix.

social media marketing

Now you may be asking “What is social media marketing? What does it do?” Well, let me try to explain…

When you think about it, social media actually helps to spread the word about your real estate. Many people have been leaving comments on property blogs or listing sites. It is now becoming the new way to advertise.

You can use it to get people to view your listings at their favorite websites like Craigslist, eBay or Ocracoke, along with use it as a means to sell your stuff at any time. Some sites even have affiliate programs with where you can get paid when someone clicks on one of your ads.

The great thing about it is that there is no out of pocket expense or business costs for doing it. You only need to pay your normal online advertising costs. The benefit is that you can focus more on advertising and less on marketing.

Another advantage to using social media as part of your marketing mix is that it is easy to test your new ad copy. You can see what the response is before you send it out to everyone.

To implement this into your marketing mix, you must decide how many people you want to target in your ad and what marketing medium to use. One of the most popular choices is to put your ads at Craigslist or Ocracoke.

Here is what you do when you post your ads on your social media accounts. Then create your RSS feed and follow-up the feed with your post at Ocracoke. Just keep this up and you will build your name and your business image and brand.

The biggest mistake most people make is to set up a system that they know will not work. All you need to do is read a book or two that will give you the systems that work. These systems are much easier to set up than you can imagine.

You will save a lot of money that you would have spent on advertising by doing this. The more money you have the more chances you will have of making a profit. It is easy to test how effective your ad is by using your RSS feeds.

Do this now before you spend another dime to advertise on the television, print ads, or on any other form of marketing. The last thing you want to do is waste your money on something that doesn’t work. Take a little bit of time today to test out your social media campaign and see if it really works.